Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What pet should I get?

Well if you are deciding to get a pet but your not sure which one you want here a few ideas

If you are more of a gentle, calm and not very active, so your that kind of person that likes to stay on the coach and your home all day then consider buying a cat. A cat is a gentle pet and some aren't very active. They like to sleep, play with a toy and snuggle up in warm places.

If your more of an active person your always outside, you love to run, you do sports, you like to have a good understanding friend then consider getting a dog. Dogs need to be taken on walks, fed, they love to play and run and they are really loyal. A dog can brighten your life and put a smile on your face during the saddest moments.

If you prefer some animal which is smaller and can live in a cage and doesn't need to be taken on walks but you can still interact with then consider getting a hamster, gerbil, rat or a chinchilla. Those animals are meant to live in cages but you can still play with them and interact with them by taming them. You don't even need to have a lot of space to keep one they perfectly fit in your room in a cage.

If you want an animal you could keep outside in your garden but still in a cage then get a bunny or a Guinea pig. Those animals can be kept outside or inside. You can play with them, pet them and interact with them.

So those were a few options if you don't think those pets are suitable for you then get a bird, fish or a reptile

I hope this blog helped you find the perfect pet more information to come .